Steve Barbarich, a Young Entrepreneur, Does It All

Steve Barbarich, is a mover. A shaker. A doer. But most of all, a giver. In fact, his e-commerce start up has donated to cause-related organizations both locally and nationally.

As one of the youngest e-commerce executives in the world, Steven Barbarich made a name for himself early in his career by writing the book, The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Investments and Patents, whose title is self-explanatory. Indeed, he has over 20 years’ experience in developing products, handling intellectual property and negotiation and dealing with residential and commercial property.

Steven Barbarich is More Than Just an E-Commerce CEO

But there’s more to Steve Barbarich than just making money – rather, he likes to give it, too. Realizing early on in his career that he had to give back to the community and nation to which he belongs, Steven Barbarich and one of his e-commerce companies, have been donating to cause-related organizations ever since he can remember.

Philanthropy for 2009 by Steve Barbarich

He also gave money in October, 2009, to help Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Then, he donated a portion of sales to the Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers to provide free mammograms to women who would not otherwise be able to afford them. He did so knowing that the San Francisco area in which he is based has some of the highest rates of breast cancer in the nation. “I felt a need to help as many women as I could, even with something as simple as a mammogram,” says Steven Barbarich. The Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers are located in San Mateo and South San Francisco, CA.

Another cause about which Steve Barbarich cares is runaway teens and young adults. Knowing the plights such people go through – a sense of loss, confusion, possible drug addiction and prostitution, he heard about the Covenant House of Oakland and knew it was a place he would be proud to support. So, in December, 2009, he made a monetary donation to its Project Christmas CAROL (Care about Remembering Overlooked Lives), a fund for giving presents – no matter how small – to residents at the center. Understanding that San Francisco’s number of homeless people ranks among the highest in the country, he also understood how important it would be to help as many homeless people as possible. He deemed the Covenant House the finest way to do so.

Steve Barbarich may be a wonderful businessman, but he’s also a terrific philanthropist. Stay tuned to hear more about his donating to cause-related organizations.